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Your typical massage at Just a Trim and Massage will last for a little over an hour, but you'll walk out feeling you just had the most relaxing vacation of your life.  Get some well-deserved relief from all of your aches and pains at the hands of our expert massage therapist.  Massages are by appointment only so call now and schedule your next visit! 256-539-6320

Experience a perfect massage tailored to your needs

Put yourself in good hands

•  Deep tissue massages

•  Myo-Facial release

•  Full body stretching

•  Muscle and pain relief

•  Myo-skeletal alignment techniques

•  Swedish massages

Most massage techniques are focused on pain relief, and your comfort is our number one concern.  While there may be some slight physical discomfort at the start of the massage, you'll quickly begin to feel relaxed and well rested.  With 20 years of experience, our massage therapist knows how to hit all the right spots to get you back in tip top shape.


For the best results, massages do typically involve the removal of clothing.  However you'll only ever need to undress up to your comfort level and you'll be provided with large sheets of cloth to drape over yourself as well.

Feel like you just spent a week on vacation

For additional pain relief, we're happy to be official retailers of STOPS LEG & FOOT CRAMPS, BIOFREEZE products, and acid reflux remedies.

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